Mankirat Gulati

From this website, you can find out a lot about me. There are navigational links to my interests, academic achivements, my resume, and social media.

About Me

My name is Mikey. I was born in Queens, NY and currently live in Hicksville, NY. At a young age, I fiddled a lot with computers my family had lying around. This initial exposure to computing convinced me to take computer science courses at my high school.

After high school, I entered Stony Brook University pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Currently, I am a senior looking for full-time positions in software engineering involving full-stack development and DevOps-related work.


One of my biggest passions is dancing. Currently, I am a dancer for an off-campus team named, Gabroo Jawan. We follow a style of dance called Bhangra which originated in the northern regions of India. I regularly perform at weddings, college formals, and competitions.

When I am not practicing with my team, I enjoy playing the piano, traveling to new places with my friends, and listening to music.

Academic Achievements

  • Dean's List (since Fall 2016)
  • Presidential Scholarship Receipient
  • Teaching Assistant for CSE 219 @ SBU - (Spring 2018 & Fall 2018)


You can view and download my resume here.