About Me

My name is Mikey. I was born in Queens, NY and currently live in Hicksville, NY. At a young age, I fiddled a lot with computers my family had lying around. This initial exposure to computing convinced me to take computer science courses at my high school.

After high school, I entered Stony Brook University pursuing a degree in Computer Science. Currently, I am a sophomore working on side projects to learn more about recent technologies and software. Below, you will find some of my (mostly) completed work.

Aside from coding, some of my hobbies include watching basketball, listening to music, and making new inside jokes with my friends. I also love to dance and am currently a performer for the Stony Brook Bhangra Team.

Photo credits to Sean Chee.



By Mikey

A simple recreation of the classic two-player Tron game developed using Canvas and JavaScript.


By Mikey and Stanley

A responsive, sleek web application designed to fetch memes from a subreddit made with Go.


By Mikey

A Minecraft plugin that uses a monetary-based ranking system. Made with Java and the Spigot API.



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